Cold Jointing System

Equipment included in ReliBond offering

ReliBond TU is based is a modular concept dedicated to the cable installation process. The solution consists of 5 main modules:


Fixation Unit – Ensure easy and secure mounting on cable and or bare conductor

Manipulator Unit – Enabling automatic termination process in a safe environment

Cold Spray System – Safe, reliable and repeatable high quality termination technology

Vacuum System – Removing any residue powder from the process chamber

Air Compressor System – Supplying propeller gas to the cold spray system




Equipment dedicated the joint bay

The Fixation unit (1) and Manipulation unit (2) has been specifically developed to accommodate the requirements for test and measurements, at cable manufacturing sites, the joint bay and at substation. In the following illustration the joint bay with the most confined available space is illustrating the possibility of how the equipment easily can be fitted into the joint bay area.

Enclosed process protecting the operator

The termination process is carried out in a completely enclosed chamber. A suction system (vacuum cleaner) is mounted on the suction outlet, removing any residue powders from the process.


After completion of the termination process a combined cleaning and cooling procedure will automatically be Initiated. The cleaning will ensure that the enclosure and cable will be free of any metal dust particles prior dismounting of the manipulator unit. During the cleaning procedure the conductor will be cooled down to avoid potential thermal burning of the operator.


Numerous sensors monitoring chamber pressure, conductor temperature, proximity of fixation unit and cold spray gun are included in the unit to enhance operator safety, ensuring a bullet proof setup procedure and protecting the cable from any thermal damage.




Portable and easy to install

The manipulator unit being the heaviest part in the setup amounting to 20kg, can easily be lifted and handled by two operators using the strong handles mounted on each side.

The installation process is made very easy. The fixation unit is fixed on the cable by tightening one screw. The manipulation unit is mounted on the fixation unit using first the hinge (ensuring correct position), and afterward the two fixation hooks.







Flexible solution covering a wide range of cable and conductor sizes

The solution can be used with a large range of cables sizes. The solution can also be used on large range of bare conductors for test and measurement in the production facility and for R&D purposes:




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