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ReliBond is a Danish startup company founded in 2015. The core technology is developed during research carried out at the Technical University of Denmark. The core team is consisting of:



ReliBond was initiated based a novel technology developed during studies at the Technical University of Denmark. A match between passion, product and market was seen in the cable industry. Motivation is driven by realization of the new challenges introduced with rapidly increase of power production from fluctuating sustainable electricity sources putting pressure on the transmission network. Number of cable projects with increasing power transmission capacity are the future scenario. Low loss conductors for AC systems 40-60% more efficient than current conventional cable systems would be able to meet the future scenario, and the technology is available today. However, handling at testing, production and installation is time consuming, unreliable and hazardous and needs to be reduced to enable utilization of the promising low loss conductor technology. ReliBond has developed solutions that reduces the handling time drastically, increases testing and joining quality, increases safety and minimizes overall risk.




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