ReliBond Cable Termination Unit



Equipment included in ReliBond cable termination unit

Manipulator Unit – Enabling automatic termination process in a safe environment

Fixation Unit – Ensure easy and secure mounting on cable and or bare conductor

Cold Spray System – Safe, reliable and repeatable high quality termination technology

Vacuum System – Removing any residue powder from the process chamber




Power Source

Manipulator Unit

The Manipulator Unit is the essential part that enables the automated termination process. The unit consists of a electro mechanical manipulator system, a sealed process chamber, sensors and an electronic control unit handling all electronic input and output. The main function of the manipulator unit is:


  1. Manipulating the spray gun over the conductor end surface with a specific pattern, speed and distance
  2. Remotely controlling the cold spray system
  3. Encapsulate the process environment with internal process chamber and screening of movable parts
  4. Monitoring and registering incorporated sensors for safety enhancement purposes


The termination process is automatically carried out using conventional 3D printing methodology. A special movement pattern has been developed to ensure maximum powder utilization and deposition quality. The automated process ensures repeatability and removes the usual dependency on the skill level and experience of technicians.




Input Voltage
Universal Input 110/230V
Supply Frequency
50/60 Hz
Output Power
240 W
IP Rating
22 kg
Dimensions (l/h/w)
470/470/530 mm


Fixation Unit

The Fixation unit is a very simple and practical device to be mounted on the cable or directly on bare conductors. By simply inserting the cable or conductor in between the Clamp Jaws and turning the Screw Handel the Clamp Jaws will simultaneously be forced towards the center and gradually tightens around the cable or conductor. The Clamp Jaws are machined with smooth surfaces and rounded edges to avoid any potential damage of semiconductor layer, XLPE insulation or the bare conductor. The fixation unit can be mounted on a large range of different cable and conductor sizes.


Cable Clamping Range (diameter)
35-140 mm
10.3 kg




Along with the Manipulator and the Fixation units the system is supplied with a Low Pressure Cold Spray (LPCS) module, vacuum system and an Air compressor. Read more about the system under Offering.  The LPCS equipment are coupled to the electronic control unit with I/O connections to cope with machine safety regulations. Air compressor unit is optional, and can be omitted if available at customer site an fulfilling defined specifications.


Cold spray unit
Input Voltage
230 V
Supply Frequency
50 Hz
Output Power
3,3 kW
Noise level
75 dB
IP Rating
Weight (main unit)
20 kg



Vacuum system
Input Voltage
230 V
Supply Frequency
50 Hz
Air Flow
2000 l/min


Air compressor
Max Pressure
12 bar
Operating Pressure
8 bar
Minimum Air Flow
400 l/min
Air quality
Oil and water free

Power Source

The automated cable jointing machine and all additional units that require power supply is delivered with cables in length from 5-10 m. The cables is equipped with standard CEE industry connectors but can also, be fitted with any project specific connector types.

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