From cable manufacturing to commissioning

From cable manufacturing to commissioning

ReliBond solution is enabling dramatically faster testing and splicing of Milliken conductors for AC systems. Contemporary preparation procedure consist of going through up to 600 individual wires in the conductor and manually removing insulation compounds such as enamel, oxide layers, insulating tapes and water barriers prior making a connection or termination.


Relibond technology is eliminating the necessity of the time-consuming, unreliable and hazardous process of removing any of the polymer compounds inside the conductor. Conductor termination can be carried out in less than an hour with Relibond Termination Unit, hence introducing a faster, more reliable and safer process at numerous operations in the value chain.  This will results in faster iterations during development of new cable designs in R&D. Increase measurements carried out during production and prior shipment of cable drums, hence reducing the risk of supplying and installing of either faulty cables or cables not meeting customer requirements.


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Relibond technology can significantly reduce the time to answer when testing cable characteristics in production and at installation. In-line routine test of AC resistance, ongoing adjustments of material consumption and continues joining quality assurance are not performed today. With Relibond technology this would be possible without increasing production or installation time, thus resulting in minimizing overall risk of failure and optimized use of materials.

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