Cold Jointing Technology

Additive process with Gas Dynamic Cold Spray


The ReliBond Termination Unit is utilizing a technology known as Gas Dynamic Cold Spray (or just Cold Spray). When using Cold Spray technology it is possible to build a conductive termination layer on the conductor end at low temperatures, thus preventing any thermal decomposition of enamel or any other polymer compounds between the strands (read more here). The main benefits using this technology is:


  • No polymer compounds need to be removed prior to the termination process
  • No need of additional cooling to prevent any melting of semiconductor or XLPE
  • Reproducible high-quality termination being built up every time
  • Possibility of introducing automated process


The ReliBond termination layer is demonstrated to be of a much higher quality than achieved by conventional welding methods (TIG or MIG). Improper removal of polymer compounds will significantly degrade the mechanical and electrical properties of the connection when using welding techniques.




Cold Spray is a deposition method where solid metal powder particles are accelerated to velocities up to 500–1000 m/s. The kinetic energy of the powder particles, supplied by expansion of the heated compressed gas, is converted to plastic deformation energy when reaching the conductor end surface. ReliBond has developed a dedicated powder composition recipe, thus achieving the highest deposition quality and conductivity of the termination layer.


To achieve a uniform and repeatable deposition quality and thickness, the spraying nozzle is automatically manipulated over the conductor surface using principle known from 3D printing. Relibond has developed a dedicated manipulation pattern to achieve a uniform deposition layer with maximum mechanical strength and optimal powder utilization. The automatic manipulation liberates the operator to prepare subsequent cables for termination and enables the possibility of performing the termination process in an enclosed environment protecting the personal in the joint bay and in the factory.




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