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Our vision is to aid the decarbonization of the power sector by introducing automation to the cable industry through innovative solutions. The overall goal is to improve profitability by increasing efficiency, reduce production and installation failures, enhance safety and improve the work environment.


ReliBond offerings is exactly a result of this vision. We have developed solutions utilizing unprecedented technology introducing radical improvements compared to currently available methods and procedures.

An Innovative


Relibond technology accommodates future challenges introduced by the aging power transmission infrastructure, the rise of global electricity demand and the increasing electricity production from renewable energy sources. As a result of the challenges power cables are increasing in complexity to meet future requirements of larger transmission capacity.


ReliBond is addressing a series of challenges by novel solutions and introducing automated cable handling equipment. The driver of innovation in ReliBond is to increase efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. Our hardware is developed with integrated sensors and electronics to solve the challenges, while our software is the brain in our products. It brings the right level of control in to the processes making it possible to meet the future requirements.



By using ReliBond technology completely new opportunities arises for cable manufactures, installers and transmission system operators (TSO’s) in regard to new materials, tools and testing systems. Read more here.


Cold Jointing Technology

The need for higher transmission capacity pushes the use of special cable types with higher current carrying capacity. Increasing conductor size in HVAC cable systems results in a more complex low loss conductor (Milliken conductor). However, the increasing conductor complexity dramatically increases the manual handling time for conductor preparation prior testing and joining of conductors in production and at installation. Increasing manual handling time influences overall production and installation time as well as overall risk of costly cable failures.


ReliBond is offering a automated Cold Cable Jointing solution to the power transmission industry. The technology is removing a 2-day manual cable procedure and converts it into a semi-automated solution reducing the process-time to less than 1 hour.  We have succeeded to reduce the cable handling time through novel thinking and an innovative approach using a combination of technologies never seen in the cable industry before.

Automated Welding


ReliBond has developed a automated welding solution to handle the difficult welding challenge on standard aluminium and copper HVAC and HVDC power cables. The welding technology is optimized and the process parameters is preprogrammed into the machine. The welding procedure is carried out in an enclosed process chamber, protecting the operator and nearby personal from any hazardous fumes and gases. Sensors are used to continuously monitor the conductor temperature. The temperature control prevents overheating and potentially damaging the cable insulation layers, hence reducing the number of future joint failures. In this way the cable companies can perform the installation work with a guarantee of a repeatable result from joint to joint, and removes the dependency of skilled technicians.


This is ReliBonds answer on how to use additive manufacturing to create the perfect current distribution among any type of power cables.

Cable Preparation


When performing test and measurement on subsea cables it is of primary importance to determine the cable characteristic as if the cable was under operation. ReliBonds automated milling solution takes care of the otherwise difficult manual job. By automatically removing the insulation and extruded plastic-shaped fillers around the conductors and the steel armor on an end section of a subsea cable in a length of e.g. 100 mm. The machine handles the peeling process automatically by use of sensors and a tool optimized for the milling process.

Sensors integrated to the milling machine detects the location of the conductors and plan the milling route automatically. The result of the cable preparation is that the insulation gets stripped without bending or deforming any of the conductors or the amour leaving the cable as manufactured, ready for test and measurement. Any mishandling caused by increased resistance in the cable due to bending or absence of electrical losses due to change in the steel armor is thus avoided. This way by using ReliBond automated stripping tool the measured cable characteristic remain unbiased as proper handling of the subsea cable is ensured.


The milling machine is intended for use in Reasearch & Development as well as for test and measurements in the manufacturing of subsea projects. The ReliBond technology removes a 1-day manual job into a semi-automated solution reducing the process-time to less than 30 min, with a perfect result and quality.

power networks

The International Energy Agency forecasts a 65% increase of electricity production the next 25 years. Independent of the power generation source electricity needs to be distributed from site to consumer, and this is done through the transmission grid. The global transmission grid is undergoing significant transformation the next 30 years to accommodate the future scenario, especially driven by the increasing electricity production from fluctuating renewable energy sources.
A clear tendency toward higher voltage ranges and overall cable conductor sizes is experienced. The grid expansion and improved utilization of renewable energy sources will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. However as described by the EU commissioned project e-highway2050, technology innovation is needed enabling the visions. ReliBond technology is providing a solution to the expressed future challenges.


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