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Relibond is offering a novel and disruptive cable joining solution to the power transmission industry. Relibond technology is removing a 2-day manual cable procedure and converts it into a semi-automated solution dramatically reducing the process-time to less than 1 hour.  We have succeeded to drastically reduce the cable handling time through novel thinking and an innovative approach using a combination of technologies never seen in the cable industry before.

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Relibond technology accommodates future challenges introduced by the aging power transmission infrastructure, the rise of global electricity demand and the increasing electricity production from renewable energy sources. Commonality to the challenges is that power cables are increasing in size enabling them to meet future current-carrying capacity requirements. With increasing conductor size for AC systems a more complex low loss conductor is introduced (Milliken conductor) reducing the limiting skin- and proximity effects. However, the increasing conductor complexity dramatically increases the manual handling time for conductor preparation prior to testing and joining of conductors in production and at installation. Increasing manual handling time influences overall production and installation time as well as overall risk of costly cable failures.



By using Relibond technology completely new opportunities arises for cable manufactures, installers and transmission system operators (TSO’s) in regard to new materials, tools and testing systems. Relibond technology is not only applicable for low loss conductors but can be used with any type of conductor where the features of the technology may be favourable. Opportunities within aluminium conductors and submarine cables are currently under investigation.
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The International Energy Agency forecasts a 65% increase of electricity production the next 25 years. Independent of the power generation source electricity needs to be distributed from site to consumer, and this is done through the transmission grid. The global transmission grid is undergoing significant transformation the next 30 years to accommodate the future scenario, especially driven by the increasing electricity production from fluctuating renewable energy sources.
A clear tendency toward higher voltage ranges and overall cable conductor sizes is experienced. The grid expansion and improved utilization of renewable energy sources will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. However as described by the EU commissioned project e-highway2050, technology innovation is needed enabling the visions. ReliBond technology is providing a solution to the expressed future challenges.


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